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Bananas, citrus, macadamias, pears, feijoas, figs, plums, persimmon and more!

Fruitful trees for Auckland gardens

Bananas, citrus, macadamias, pears, feijoas, figs, plums, persimmon, apples, peach and white sapote (tastes like custard!) are amongst the fruit grown in the orchard at Auckland Botanic Gardens. All these different varieties of fruit have been recommended by specialist growers for this region. Take a walk through the orchard and get ideas for growing some tasty fruit in your home garden too.

Plant a fruit or nut for every season so you’ll always have something fresh in your fruit bowl. Because they are so fresh, fruit and vegetables from your garden are more nutritious than commercially grown varieties that are likely to have been cool-stored. You can also know exactly what you are eating as many commercial fruits are sprayed with chemicals. If you are interested to try growing your own the trees here have been selected for their suitability for Auckland home gardens, lifestyle blocks and schools. They have been trialled and do not require spraying with insecticides or fungicides. Not only will growing your own save money but it’s very satisfying to share surplus fruit with friends and family (and home-made home-grown preserves are a great gift). Children love harvesting and eating from the garden too.


The orchard was planted in winter 2011. Experts in each fruit were consulted on the best varieties to grow in Auckland conditions. The orchard is adjacent to the Potter Children’s Garden to connect students with fruit trees and encourage schools to plant orchards with a recommended selection of varieties. We showcase recommended fruit trees which are available in nurseries for home gardeners and schools to source. Some are also very beautiful ornamental trees – the fruit’s a bonus!

Gardening Tips for Orchards
  • The Auckland climate creates problems in producing disease and pest-free pip fruits and stone fruits. To avoid needing year-long spray programmes select varieties known to be suited to Auckland.
  • Ensure your garden is planted for year-round flowering to attract beneficial insects which in turn will help your harvest – both through pollination and building a healthy food chain (they will help control pests).
  • Check appropriate times to prune e.g. summer, after fruiting, for stone fruit. Lesson potential of pest and disease by pruning on a dry sunny day.
  • Citrus trees require no routine pruning apart from removal of dead, damaged or tangled branches. They can be trimmed to shape but continual pruning may result in permanent dwarfing and reduced fruit production.
  • Apply an organic mulch annually to benefit soil health, moisture retention and weed suppression. For young trees higher nutrient compost-based mulch is beneficial.
  • Plant herbs, bulbs, wildflowers in orchards or around fruit trees to attract beneficial birds and insect life.
  • Save gas and your time by mowing less – overtime different species will come up through the grass and beneficial biodiversity will start to build.

For expert advice on fruit tree selection, maintenance and pruning watch a video of renowned new Zealand horticulturalist and manager of Auckland Botanic Gardens, Jack Hobbs. 


Auckland Botanic Garden ensures that cultivars no longer commercially available may be included (e.g. ’Hobbs Late’ peach). Propagating material is made available to commercial growers.


Horticulturalists at Auckland Botanic Gardens are monitoring the crop volumes and periods of all fruit planted as well as the development of the wildflower meadow. Download our top 8 fruit trees for Auckland or contact us for more information.


Accessible only from roadside.

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