Artist Neal Palmer is working at his easel. He has his back to the camera and paintbrush in hand. He is applying paint to a work in progress that will be a close up of a thorn. In the background are some of Neal's finished works of bark rubbings and large scale plant stems covered in thorns. In the foreground are an apparently chaotic arrangement of papers and photographs Neal has taken of various plants during his time as artist in residence at Auckland Botanic Gardens.

Talk by artist-in-residence Neal Palmer

Talk by artist-in-residence Neal Palmer

Join our summer artist-in-residence Neal Palmer as he talks about his practice and the body of work he is producing in response to his residency in the gardens.

Neal has been working with botanical subject matter for 20+ years as a full-time practising artist exploring native and exotic plant species. Within a botanical framework Neal works through artistic experimentation of composition, mark making, scale, colour and form.

In the Huakaiwaka visitor centre at 10.30am.

11 February 2023

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