Hemorocalis Cade Stewart in the Trial Garden at Auckland Botanic Gardens

Trial Garden

What plants suit your Auckland garden?

Finding the best plants for Auckland's conditions

The purpose of these trials is to determine the best plants for growing in Auckland. We look for plants that stay healthy without spraying and require minimal maintenance.

Other desirable characteristics include a long flowering period and attractive foliage and form.

Check out our current and previous trials here.

Day lily trial

Plants in these trials include plants of known performance, as well as new cultivars on the market. This allows us to set a bench mark that new cultivars must perform to. Any new cultivars that surpass this bench mark and rate highly will then be included in other gardens and plant collections.


This is what this garden is all about! We rigorously test and collect both qualitative and quantitative data to inform our recommendation to our visitors.

Visit the Research section for reports of completed trials and related articles.  


Accessible only from main paths.